Bandar Utama Gua Musang Sdn Bhd (BUGM) was incorporated in the year 2009 with major business interests in Property Development and Construction sector.  BUGM is a company being set up mainly to undertake the mixed development project in Gua Musang, Kelantan. BUGM aspires to combine quality, beauty and affordability into property ownership.

The key personnel of BUGM have wide experience and knowledge in housing as well as property development and have a serious vision to enhance the property development in Gua Musang. Having officially obtaining from Local & Town Planning Department, Negeri Kelantan to undertake the BANDAR UTAMA GUA MUSANG mixed development project with the Phase One and Phase Two cover area 161.73 acres and 256.85 acres respectively, starting construction in the year 2011 and will continue in phases up to the year 2020. The township boasts of sophisticated infrastructures and facilities that will serve the residents’ commercial, educational and recreational needs for many years to come.
BANDAR UTAMA GUA MUSANG has become a new township area for Jajahan Gua Musang. The development will apply peaceful and environmental friendly concept to achieve the below objectives :
> Develop the area into a well planned housing and business area
> To assist the government in providing housing units that is affordable by the people with low income
> To assist the government in providing and increasing the housing units as to fulfil the local requirements
> Develop the area with more practical land use and fulfil the needs and requirements of land owners
> Expand the physical characteristics of the site and its strategic surrounding area as well as to create a competent development area
> Increase the land use level with more practical and harmonious arrangement based on suitable balance space distribution
> Introduce simple, pleasant and economic planning concept as to provide a good and efficient service
> To create an Eco-Park for the opportunity to live comfortably within the midst of nature and beautiful landscape.
> Provide the development area as the future supportive for the neighborhood lots within and surrounding the proposed area